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          Unsure when to use a face mask in your skincare routine?

Who doesn’t love a good face mask?

However, with a wide variety of face masks addressing a wide variety of skin concerns, it can be quite confusing on where to place it in your skincare routine. 

Typically, face masks are used at night. Masking takes time so it’s not ideal for the morning rush but perfect after a long day at the office!

Some masks deeply cleanse the skin so they’re best used at the end of the day to get rid of dirt and grime. Some others have nourishing and rejuvenating properties that are best paired with a good night’s sleep.

Have the best prepped skin:

The best time to apply any sort of mask is when a clean blank slate. Start by removing all makeup, gently washing your face to remove all residue and exfoliate if you have time- this will remove any excess dead skin so the masks can penetrate the face and soak into your pores for the best results!

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