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AllWell AllOver™ : 660 Allendale Road, King of Prussia PA 19406

Our Story

AllWell AllOver was founded in 2019 quite honestly by accident. We developed The Plantrose® Process, a water-based technology that converts plants into biobased ingredients & sustainable products. One of the first things our scientists and engineers noticed was how the product was extremely exfoliating on the fingers and hands. Their skin was renewed, noticeably brighter, smoother and extremely soft. They knew they had a potentially game changing, natural and sustainable material that had endless possibilities. AllWell All Over was born by harnessing the power of cellulose and lignin found naturally in plants and we were able to create a decadent face and body masque that caters to all skin types.

Here at AllWell we are passionate about making superior products that are formulated without PARABENS, SULFATES, PHTHALATES, and SILICONES. We do not test on animals and our AllWell masque is 100% VEGAN. Our dedicated team of scientists, chemists and beauty experts accomplished this goal by perfecting a simple formula made from just plants and water that firms, retexturizes, brightens and visibly reduces the appearance of pores for enviable skin. Additionally our masque also has a high concentration of antioxidants which helps to protect skin against free radicals in the environment. And our signature ‘Rinse or Roll’ removable technology makes our masque fun and easy to use!

AllOver. AllNatural. AllGood. AllWell.